The Best of ICC’s Linares ’08

by Macauley on April 26th, 2008

Linares posterBetter late than never; here are my four favorites. All thirteen days, plus a few bonus videos are available free from ICC’s Chess.FM.

Lots of variety here, trying new things out. Why did we go back to 4:3 aspect ratio, you ask? It was largely an accident — for In Transit, in the Madrid airport, I didn’t bother to crop the video from my Macbook’s webcam (that’s just iMovieHD feeding itself, by the way) back to widescreen. And I’d switched off my DV cam’s anamorphic mode too. So, I just went with it.

Both In Transit and Macauley Vs. Magnus borrow the video blogging style of The Show with ZeFrank, a true pioneer. (Sorry, I’m just not that original.) Notice the Sports Racer shirt!

In Leko Snares Carlsen, Leko’s line, “I received the domination,” cracks me up every time I watch it!


When Blunder Strikes

“Vassily Ivanchuk hangs a bishop in severe time pressure against Levon Aronian in Round 4. Macauley has the video of the fateful moment, and talks to Ivanchuk’s second, Manuel Le??n Hoyos.”

A Spoiled Novelty

“Aronian’s facinating novelty on move 9 put Peter Leko into an 83 minute think. Leko survived the resulting time pressure to draw the game. The Chess.FM team has the full story.”

Macauley Vs. Magnus

“Macauley challenges Magnus Carlsen to a set of tennis, and lives to blog the tale.”

Leko Snares Carlsen

“Peter Leko discusses his Round 11 marathon win over Magnus Carlsen”

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